Leveraging technology to improve cashflow and business performance

Late payments in 2023 cost UK businesses £1.6billion; it’s almost certain you were impacted by that.


Escalating late payments affect all stakeholders, from paying staff and suppliers to deterring your investors. But help is at hand, from some of the UK’s leading tech experts from Xero, iwoca and Gravita, who specialise in using automation to speed up and improve cashflow for SMEs.


Event details:

Date: Thursday 2 May 2024
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM


During this webinar, we will be covering:


  • Overview of current climate and cashflow tools currently used to assist business owners
  • Survey feedback from 1000s of businesses and an insight into the biggest software issues they’re facing today
  • Xero: State of play on late payments and impact on businesses. Xero will also share stats on their recent work with the UK Government on the late payment crisis and the plans on how to tackle this
  • Iwoca: The benefits of current technology which make cash collection easier
  • The panel’s (unbiased) recommendations of the best technologies available for SMEs in the market today to maximise cashflow and support your future aspirations
  • Practicalities of cashflow forecasting and the benefits to your business
  • Implementation of your chosen cashflow software: Three easy steps!
  • Q&A


From this webinar, you will take away easy wins which can be implemented immediately, as well as ideas and strategies to help you give your business the competitive edge it needs and in preparation for further advanced technologies such as AI.


Russell Frayne

Russell Frayne, Director of Transformation at Gravita


Russell leads our adoption and implementation of accounting technology across Gravita. Working with best in breed solutions to optimise and deliver value to business owners of all sizes, innovating and automating their finance functions. 


Russell is also a regular panellist at Accountancy conferences and events as well as contributing and featuring in a number of accounting technology articles.

Kat McMahon, Digital Transformation Consultant at Xero


Kat is a Digital Transformation Consultant at Xero and works with some of the larger accounting partners on the implementation of Xero within their practices. Kat’s background is heavily practice based, with over 12 years’ experience working within accountancy firms.


Xero has recently been working with the UK government on the late payment crisis that is currently affecting the UK’s SMEs. We will share some of the latest statistics and findings on this, and plans on how the Government plans to tackle this increasingly critical situation.

Mat White, Accountant Channel Team Captain at iwoca


Mat looks after iwoca’s enterprise accountant partners and iwocaPay sellers. Launched in 2020 by iwoca, iwocaPay is an omni-channel B2B payment solution (with built-in B2B BNPL), allowing businesses offer B2B payment terms anywhere they take payments. Mat enjoys helping businesses discover this payment option, benefiting their business when and where they need it.


Growing up in a farming family, Mat helped his parents run and grow their own business and saw firsthand how important financial support is to small business owners.

Nyall Jacobs, Outsourcing Partner at Gravita


Nyall Jacobs offers his clients strategic advice to help drive growth, attract funding, reduce tax and improve profit.


Nyall’s specialisms include maximising shareholder return, cash management (especially during periods of growth), profit improvement, tax mitigation including R&D and options, management reporting systems, US GAAP reporting, helping companies get investment ready, and funding/finance negotiations.

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