Webinar recording: Inheritance Tax Update & Planning

IHT webinar

Even though the Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2024 didn’t bring in the dramatic abolition of IHT that had been rumoured. There were a number of changes to the IHT system that will affect currently non UK domiciled individuals and potentially trusts related to them.   Gravita’s IHT webinar, hosted by Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer, and presented by […]

What is the current tax position of fully electric company cars?

Fully electric company cars

Written by Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer The tax position of a director or employee with a fully electric company car is very generous! The taxable benefit currently is 2% x the list price of the car and this will remain at 2% up to 5th April 2025. Example George has an antiques business, Bourne […]

Webinar recording: Capital allowances: Where are we now?

Capital allowances claims

Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer, presented a webinar on the latest developments and planning opportunities available relating to capital allowances claims hosted by Gravita Tax Partner, Toby Hermitage.   During this session, Tim covered the following:   The latest developments relating to capital allowances, and planning opportunities What capital allowances can be claimed post the […]

Webinar recording: Spring Budget 2024: Optimise the Tax Opportunities

Spring Budget 2024 webinar

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2024 was expected to be one of the most political Budgets of recent times – and it didn’t disappoint. As this has been a particularly impactful budget, watching this recording will be highly beneficial! This webinar was presented by Gravita Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock. During this session Tom covered the following […]

Inheritance Tax changes for Non-Doms

Inheritance Tax

Written by Tax Partner, Michaela Lamb Along with other sweeping reforms to the Non-Dom rules, the Government announced that it would be making changes to the UK Inheritance Tax system too, shifting towards a residence rather than domicile basis.   This is currently in consultation, so we will not know exactly what the Government is […]

It’s time to start planning: The new system for Non-Doms


Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock Last week the Government announced that the Non-Dom rules would be scrapped and replaced with a new simpler system from 6 April 2025. Based on what we understand (and the final legislation has not yet been published), there will be 5 groups of people this affects: Those who have […]

Gravita’s Spring Budget Report 2024

Spring Budget Report 2024

With the release of the Spring Budget, sign-up to download Gravita’s Spring Budget Report, detailing everything you need to know about what the changes and implications could mean for you. Sign-up today, by filling out the below.

Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) to be abolished


Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock The Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) relief know as Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) will be removed for completions taking place after 1 June 2024. Currently, where multiple properties are purchased at the same time, MDR applies to reduce the rate of SDLT payable.   Property transactions with contracts which […]

Taxation of known non-domiciled individuals to be reformed


Written by Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock In yesterday’s 2024 Spring Budget, the Chancellor announced that the regime for taxing individuals who are not domiciled or deemed domiciled in the UK will be reformed from 6 April 2025, with transitional reliefs during 2025/6 and 2026/7.   Currently, individuals who are not UK domiciled and who have […]

Spring Budget Highlights 2024

Spring Budget 2024

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2024 was expected to be one of the most political Budgets of recent times – and it didn’t disappoint. This is, after all, the final chance for the Government to show the voting public what tax could look like under a continuing Conservative Government. Whatever happens, no one really expects this […]