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We look beyond the balance sheet.

Developed with finance directors, audit committees and non executive directors, our audits are designed to be streamlined for efficiency.

Every audit is overseen by our incredibly knowledgeable partners, who champion our pioneering tech. Just upload your documents to one simple hub and we’ll take it from there. If you want more information on our audit services, please call us on 0203 514 3215.

An outsider's view on your inner workings

We get it. An annual audit can be a burden – sapping time, energy and money. And it’s true that an inefficient audit, with inexperienced auditors, can be painful. That’s why our experts use their huge breadth of knowledge and years of experience combined with technology to make the process as efficient as possible. 


Whether you’re a small team of two or an AIM listed business, we’ll deliver high-quality and  independence. Our services include voluntary and statutory audits, as well as other assurance services. As an ICAEW regulated auditor, we have experience conducting audits for all sizes and types of business across a broad range of sectors. With a trusted, tried-and-tested process, you can guarantee an audit will add real value – and can be a powerful tool for internal and external stakeholder management.

What’s the process for an audit?

Our audit process breaks down into a series of simple steps:


1. We define a strategy 

Once we understand your objectives and business procedures, our experts then tailor an audit approach to you.


2. Planning

In accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) we adopt a risk-based approach to audit and prioritise resources where they’ll deliver the greatest benefit. Our specialists will assess the key day-to-day risks faced by your business and consider how these could impact on the financial statements – then plan their audit process accordingly.


3. Fieldwork

Next, it’s time to gather as much information as possible in detail. We can perform this remotely or at your premises, whichever you prefer – we like to give our clients the choice. This can be asking questions, running tests or collecting samples. Once we have everything we need, we’ll be in contact, keeping things as simple and efficient as possible.


4. Communication and reporting

Our experts thrive off clear and open conversation. That’s why throughout the entire audit process, they’ll maintain regular communication and keep you up-to-date with regulatory developments or changes that could affect your business.

Ready to get started?

If you’re looking for an independent audit, or want more information, our experts are ready and waiting to help you. Plus with experts across multiple tax and finance areas, there’ll always be an expert at hand at Gravita.


To start your journey with us, get in touch below, and one of our experts will arrange an introductory consultation.

What types of audits do you offer?

Statutory audit

If your company meets the Companies Act criteria for a statutory audit, our experts can deliver the necessary review of your accounts efficiently in line with statutory requirements. They’ll also highlight new opportunities and identify improvements to your business processes. It will add value and could also win the trust of your customers, investors and stakeholders.


Voluntary audit

When you choose to go through an audit process voluntarily, you send a strong signal to potential lenders and investors about your credibility. You’ll get the same benefits as statutory clients, but with greater value as your business strives towards growth. Plus, when your business grows to a size where an audit becomes statutory, your accounts will already be in the best possible shape.

What is the process for an audit?

  1. We define an audit strategy
  2. Planning
  3. Fieldwork
  4. Communication and reporting
For more information about our Audit service, click our document below.

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"At Gravita, our audit aficionados are incredibly focused on delivering an independent and high quality audit. We want to make your audit as efficient and as hassle-free as possible, so blend strong relationships with tech to make this a reality for you. "


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We have high calibre experts. Our team has years of experience and academic backgrounds meaning you’re dealing with seasoned professionals.


We’re tech-enabled, but human-led. There are no robots here, just our talented team who use tech to work more efficiently with you.


We look beyond the balance sheet. We don’t just do the job in hand, we’ll actively work with you and offer advice to help you grow.


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We can grow as you grow. Our service is designed so you can scale our team up or down to suit your needs.


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