Webinar recording: MBOs, MBIs & EOTs: The benefits, pitfalls and choosing the right route to succession

Choosing the right succession planning route is an area that all business owners think about regularly, throughout the business lifecycle; it is never too early, but can sometimes be too late to plan for exit efficiently.  In reality, it’s not just business owners and board members who lie awake at night considering the options, it’s also the key team players, those who are critical to the ongoing success and growth of the business, and want a stake in it.


If this rings true to you, it may well be that the possibility of a trade sale has already been addressed, where you have a good sense of the appetite within your market place. You will have many reasons as to why you haven’t chosen this option: Key people will walk, the business you’ve built up will vanish and there may be more financially preferable and tax efficient options out there.


This webinar will be presented by Gravita Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock, and Gravita Accounts Partner, Richard Durell.


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