Webinar recording: Doing business between the EU and the UK

When thinking about doing business between the UK and EU, there are many factors to consider, both as an individual and a business. These include social security, wage taxes, exit taxes, permanent establishment, and withholding taxes, to name a few. Thomas Adcock, Gravita Tax Partner, and Janneke Speetjens, Attorney-at-law and Tax Consultant at PSP München (lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and family office, based in Munich, Germany) aim to cover these areas, and more, unveiling potential pitfalls and tailored solutions to help you navigate this dynamic landscape and plan accordingly.


During this webinar, Tom and Janneke covered the following:  


  • Transition period: Following Brexit you no longer fall into transition rules. Consequently, we observe a frequent occurrence of companies and affiliated individuals encountering costly complications.
  • For High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) relocating from the EU to the UK, it’s crucial to assess factors both in personal and business domains.
  • Exit taxes
  • New UK Non-dom rules
  • Global mobility


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