Webinar recording: Inheritance Tax Update & Planning

IHT webinar

Even though the Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2024 didn’t bring in the dramatic abolition of IHT that had been rumoured. There were a number of changes to the IHT system that will affect currently non UK domiciled individuals and potentially trusts related to them.   Gravita’s IHT webinar, hosted by Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer, and presented by […]

Webinar recording: Capital allowances: Where are we now?

Capital allowances claims

Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer, presented a webinar on the latest developments and planning opportunities available relating to capital allowances claims hosted by Gravita Tax Partner, Toby Hermitage.   During this session, Tim covered the following:   The latest developments relating to capital allowances, and planning opportunities What capital allowances can be claimed post the […]

Webinar recording: Spring Budget 2024: Optimise the Tax Opportunities

Spring Budget 2024 webinar

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2024 was expected to be one of the most political Budgets of recent times – and it didn’t disappoint. As this has been a particularly impactful budget, watching this recording will be highly beneficial! This webinar was presented by Gravita Tax Partner, Thomas Adcock. During this session Tom covered the following […]

Webinar recording: Business Tax Refresher & Planning – Part Two

Business tax refresher

Gravita Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer, presented a one hour Business Tax Refresher & Planning webinar. Tim built further on the first Business Tax webinar that he presented for us in October 2023 – (do not worry if you were unable to attend the first webinar as the below was a stand-alone event.) During this session, […]

Webinar recording: HMRC Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution

Tax Investigations webinar

Gravita Tax Investigations Partner, Dion Laycock, presented a one hour webinar on HMRC Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution, hosted by Tim Palmer. During the webinar, Dion covered the following and more: The range of work a tax investigation specialist covers and how we can help Assessment time limits and how far HMRC look back Schedule 36 Information […]

Webinar recording: Be a tax efficient business from inception to exit

tax efficient business recording

Gravita Corporate Tax Partner, Toby Hermitage, presented a 45- minute webinar focusing on the key phases of a typical fast growth business and take you through a number of ways to optimise for tax to maximise your chances of success, including how to raise tax efficient investment and not blow it on staff costs! Phase 1 You’ve had […]

Webinar recording: VAT and the Construction Industry

VAT and the Construction Industry

Sandy Cochrane, Gravita’s head of VAT, presented a 45 minute webinar addressing and explaining the main VAT problem areas that both contractors and subcontractors currently face in the construction industry. The areas covered in this webinar were: General overview The Domestic Reverse charge: understanding the supply chain and whether the contractor or the supplier has […]

Webinar recording: R&D reinvented – Unlocking the power of innovation in the tech sector

R&D reinvented webinar recording

Since 1st April 2023, significant changes have shaken the landscape of R&D tax relief, specifically impacting businesses, especially those in the technology sector. These changes, introduce a whole new dimension to R&D claims, requiring businesses to submit substantial additional information.   During this 45-minute webinar, we delved into the following key points:   Unveiling the […]