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Translation issues
Translation issues With the kind helps of Mr. Daniel Schmidt and Mr. Tomasz Milewski, german and polish translations of wikepage are available. You can visit new i18n_files page to track all translation files for versions. Wikepage is now in four languages. If you want to translate wikepage to your language, please download english files from sourceforge , translate and sent it to sblisesivdin-at-gmail-dot-com.

Sourceforge forum is open for free discussions
Sourceforge forum is open for free discussions Wikepage is sourceforge supported program, and they serve amazing services. And forum support is one of those services. Before asking me questions with email please ask it on forum . Thanks.

Wikepage 2007.2 Opus 13 Landauer-Büttiker is released!
Wikepage 2007.2 Opus 13 Landauer-Büttiker is released! Nearly 4 months passed over since the Opus 12 was released. After Opus 12, wikepage is changed a lot. Thanks will go to Mr. Tim Davis. As you remember he is the owner of http://www.binarymethod.com . You can find many modules at that site written for wikepage. Ok.. In opus 13, he optimized the code, and add new features. There are other minor changes by me and others listed below: Major optimization of code all over the script, wikepage is nearly 2kb shrinked with this optimization. thanks Mr. Tim Davis < blog_archive > command is added for list view of blog entries, thanks Mr. Tim Davis Images for blog entry titles, thanks Mr. Tim Davis From now, RSS imports won't die under error, thanks Mr. Jose Carlos Medeiros Small corrections that make Wikepage more Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional are done, thanks Igor Rjabinin Google Edit pages problem is solved, In Admin page, new version warning and RSS import warning features are added. You can download Opus 13, from here .

Wikepage Opus 8 2006.1b released!
Wikepage Opus 8 2006.1b released! Ok.. I accept. Edit confirmation box is not a good idea. We remove it with protecting security solution. In Opus 7, file upload support was included for a first time and adjusted to upload max. of 1Mbit files. Uh. It's only 122Kb. Sorry for this restriction. I raised it up to 1Mb. You can adjust it from index.php, 1Megabyte is nearly 8.5Mbits, Or simply 8Mbits. And a little url filtering issue solved which affect from 2006.1.

Wikepage is on opensourcecms.com!
Wikepage is on opensourcecms.com! And.. Wikepage is listed on opensourcecms.com. After today, demo page will be on opensourcecms.com. They do it better! Every two hours they reset demo, and re-install.. This is an amazing work.. Congrulations opensourcecms.com for your work, and thanks for listing wike!



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" Please wait here ", she said. Today turned his gaze to an object behind her. It was a tubular steel chair, low slung, with a leather seat. The woman tapped on the boardroom door and enters. Today did n't see the aged and aging men within, he. Didn't hear the argument. He stared at a chair that is familiar from many appearances in Today's collection of Seventies' US cop TV. He had never seen this chair in the flesh before. He called his Inspector, who barked down the phone " What's happened. "

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